Original Design: Roman Novel, Desert Queen

I created this character, back as far as 2009, and wanted to see what an updated design would look like. Her character is meant to be a serious and steely desert queen, whose fashion is more based on antiquity rather than function. She's meant to look out of place around her servants and subjects, with all her intentions in honouring her predecessors. Someone whose mask and veneer never slips, even for a moment.

Althought I know how to rig and light in 3D Studio Max, I had to learn and practice how to rig and light in Blender again. This was a good design to test rigging and lighting, as well as how it would upload into different software.

More than Meet's the Eye: Whirl

Whirl from the comic book series, MTMTE. This was one of the first complicated models I did in Blender.

I learned a lot from this model and would like to add more details to it in the future.

Sprytile: Garden Tileset

Pixel art and low-poly modeling done in Sprytile my me. I created the original pixel art design inspired by Suikoden 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics artwork.

Sprytile is a Blender add-on created by Jeiel Aranal that allows for quick tileset 3D modeling based on pixel art.

Sprytile: Winter Ocean Tileset

Winter Beach done in Sprytile.

Sprytile is a Blender add-on created by Jeiel Aranal that allows for quick tileset 3D modeling based on pixel art.

SketchFab's 3December Challenge

SketchFab hosted a #3December challenge over 21 days with a new topic released every day.

The full 21 part #3December challenge collection can be found here on Sketchfab.

I challenged myself to do one a day, most of the models were completed (designed and modeled) in an hour and a half. My self-imposed max time limit of three hours with ONE new Blender technique to learn per model within that timespan. The hardest part was picking a random tool in Blender and then trying to problem solve a solution within an hour and a half after implementing it, but I stayed within my time limit. The second hardest part was coming up with as original as possible ideas for each one in a split second.

All 21 days were done each day, without fail from December 3rd to December 23rd, 2018.

I took an Advanced Digital Media program for it's interactive, web design coding and 3D courses where I learned 3D modeling. It was my first attempt at 3D artwork and I stayed longer after school to practice 3D modeling techniques.

This scene was created in 3DS Max, as I no longer have access to the program so I am unable to upload the file via Sketchfab (even though I have the files). I became very good at high-poly modeling at the time, which made me appreciate low-poly modeling's consideration for conservation of polygons and file size. I asked the teacher where to find resources to model and rig human forms, which I learned outside of class in my spare time.