Log 0001

Project Log | Thursday, Februrary 22, 2018:

As of November 2017, I have been teaching myself Sprytile and I am putting together a five or more piece tileset asset package. You can see my work in progress on Sketchfab here and here.

I have never worked in pixel art, or have made tilesets or created assets for others so it is very exciting. Additionally, I am working on Unity3D lesson challenge and another monthly challenge on itch.io. The project is being initiated in RPG Maker MV and will consist of one room and as much assets created by me as possible. I am a bit behind, but I will be happy to catch up soon.

My Blender skills have been improving, I am practicing low-poly design via internet tutorials and self study. The program differs from 3D Studio Max a lot. I feel I have come a long way from my Unity3D VR tutorial in May 2017 that first set me onto this path. As I have joked to my friends, "when I am great at Unity3D, remember when I was terrible at first."