Tutorial & Resource List

Tutorial & Resource List List on 3D modeling in Blender & Game Design

Note that Blender does not have the same features as other design programs like 3DSMax, so it would be unwise to approach it in the same way. I am updating this list as I go. I watch and use as much as these tutorials as possible myself so they have been tested.

List will be updated as I see fit and I try reccomend series I have watched over and over again and I think offer solid content.

Blender Tutorials:

🌸Beginner Tutorials:🌸

Blender 2.7 by BornCG Breaks down Blender interface, section by section with straight forward tutorial into modeling and even more advanced topics.

Cherylynn Lima For low-poly modeling, low-poly hair and texture atlasing. Recommended lesson is Easy UV Unwrapping w/ Texture Atlas - Blender Beginner Tutorial.

I chose this How To Create Toon Style Animation In Blender tutorial from ukramedia because it's very easy and explains animation well and gives you a quick overview of Blender without being too scary. NOTE: For outlines in video animation, use this technique. Outlines in 3D requires another method, I'm trying to find a link that explains more clearly.

If you don't understand IK rigging, Easy Rigging in Blender 3D is the best tutorial series by Nekomata I have ever seen across the board.

3D Modeling Face Topology - Explained by Daniel Kreuter. I was self-taught and there are many ways to make 3D face topology but for animation I suggest this version of face topology. I admit, I like his tutorial because he does anime style modeling.

MinionsArt has the best tutorial series on Twitter for 3D designs. Make sure to check out their tutorial tag list on Twitter for lessons and ideas. They also have a Youtube page.

Tilemap Pixelart in 3D (Basic Sprytile Tutorial for blender) by MortMort is very informative if you want to try Sprytile.

Also, try Sprytile by chemikhazi.

🌸Intermediate Tutorials:🌸

New I enjoy ALL of Brackeys content. SOLID and very clear tutorials on Unity3D game development.

BlenderGuru is better AFTER viewing BornCG's Blender tutorial series and getting used to Blender.